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New job opening

When we receive a job opening, a process is set in motion. But we do not move too fast, we start by making an elaborate inventory based on the keyword ‘dialogue’. Only when we have assessed the contractor, how the branch works and what the real question is, we will fire up the engine in order to come up with a number of perfect candidates as quickly as possible. A selection of our tools:


Cross-media campaign

For every new job opening we start a cross-media campaign. Our recruitment consultants will write a number of catching vacancy texts that can be used in several different media.

The campaigns are published in places like job websites and in the networks of job-seekers. Additionally, the job opening is published on our own website and suitable candidates from our existing network will receive a personalized message that announces the job opening.



Parallel to the cross-media campaign that is being set up, our sourcers will get cracking on searching for suitable candidates through a variety of searching techniques, including Boolean searching.

For this type of search the sourcers use complex algorithms and search methods that have been specifically developed by Keser over the years and that are continually improved. These algorithms get to the deeper information layers of the internet by using metadata and dynamic queries. A process that would be impossible without our tools, but which allows our sourcers to specifically search – and find.

What makes sourcing even more challenging, is the discrete approach we use for a potential candidate. When someone does not expect to be found, it is important that the situation is being handled with great care and subtlety. That is another talent our sourcers possess, as a result of which a large percentage of the candidates actually comes and talk to us.


Searching within network

Keser has the largest network of O2C candidates of the Central and Southern Netherlands. As soon as a new job opening comes in, our recruitment consultants start looking for suitable candidates within our network.


Selecting & approaching

We have reached the moment where we stop looking, as we have found a number of particularly suitable candidates. A crucial point where it would only be logical to go and present these candidates to the contractor right away.

Keser takes it to the next level. The candidates who have shown interest after they were approached, are all invited to a competence-oriented interview. An interview in which not only competences, but also motives and personality are assessed.

Based on the results of these interviews, combined with the candidates’ CVs and personalities, a final selection is made.



The selected candidates are presented to the contractor and introductory interviews between contractor and candidate take place.

An important process in which Keser functions as coordinator, sparring-partner and makes sure to keep all parties informed. If required, Keser provides additional assessments or tests in order to remove any possible doubts or to confirm certain competences.


Rounding off & follow-up

Terms of employment are discussed and put down in writing, with Keser acting as a mediator to ensure that both parties are properly represented.

After that, the candidate starts a new chapter in his or her career, with Keser in the background continuing to monitor him or her in order to assess the candidate’s progress and to step in where necessary.



Our recruiters and sourcers cannot wait to find and select that one perfect candidate for you. Challenge them.

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Keser and the
Order 2 Cashprocess.

Context. That’s what it’s all about. Without the right context it is practically impossible to find the right candidates for our contractors.

Yet that is exactly what we have been doing for 20 years – finding the right candidates – and with great success. How? By focusing on that context: the Order to Cash process (O2C).

For when you know exactly how a business process works, you also know what it is that a candidate has to add to that process. That is why we not only consider the job description, but rather also the position of that job in the O2C process in conjunction with the candidate.

So it may happen that our recruitment consultants come up with an alternative proposal – not one based on job description, but rather based on the job’s position within the O2C process, which altogether makes the process more efficient in the end.

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Order 2 Cash Contact
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